Introducing Socialspring: Business Software, Humanized

Introducing Socialspring – a suite of smart solutions for today’s enterprise.

The Socialspring suite private beta launches today, along with its first application, Answers, and you can be the first in line to receive access; sign up now and you’ll be the first to receive product announcements, details about release schedules, and you’ll get the first opportunity to demo the applications in the suite.

A Fresh Idea

Socialspring is business software, humanized. The suite offers a complete set of tools for internal social collaboration, productivity, expert search and more. Unlike current social enterprise software, Socialspring is not just a dressed-up social network. We’ve re-imagined how business software can mimic real world social connections to help you be more productive and make work a more pleasurable experience overall. Socialspring apps will be united with single sign-on and although all of the apps can be used standalone, the more apps you use within the suite, the more powerful Socialspring becomes for your company.


Answers is the first application of the Socialspring suite; it’s a Q&A platform for the enterprise that unites the collective knowledge of your organization. It captures workplace interactions, encourages participation with seamless integration of a badge and karma system, and promotes the sharing of knowledge among employees within your organization. It does all this (and more!) with a super user friendly interface, because we believe in creating software that is fun and easy to use.

Through participation, your employees will build a centralized (and searchable) knowledge repository. Answers puts the expertise of your entire company at your fingertips. Ask questions, get answers. Answer questions, get recognized.

Sneak Peek

Here is a shot of Socialspring Answers in action! Notice the Q&A functionality, the rating system, search capabilities, as well as the badge and karma points.

Why Answers?

In the modern world, companies are looking to consumer trends to determine their own enterprise strategies. Today’s trend is knowledge and easy access to it. As a company grows in numbers and resources, relevant information is obfuscated through traditional means of communication – information is passed person-to-person through email, chat, or phone and then reaches a dead end. Answers allows that information to be captured, preserved and made available to anyone who might need it at the company.

Answers allows all that useful information in a company to be centralized, tagged, and saved for quick, easy access by anyone who needs it – today, tomorrow, or a year from now. Answers helps ease the process of getting new employees bootstrapped; it streamlines protocol for training and communication; it provides administration and other departments within your organization a way to make documents and information available to those that need it. Answers is the always growing, ever improving knowledge-base for your company.

Get On Board!

More information about Answers and Socialspring is coming, and it will go out first to those who sign up. Anticipate announcements regarding additional products in the Socialspring suite, including a core social network, internal link shortening, expert search and several more! So sign up now for the private beta, announcements and information about Socialspring – business software that treats you like a human being!