Intridea Places Among The 500 Fastest Growing Companies In America

Four years ago, what started as a team of three people with a conviction to create an agile, modern web development company has evolved into one the largest and most successful Rails development shops in the country. Today we are a strong team comprised of nearly 50 developers, project managers, QA engineers, and innovators. Making the Inc. 500 list is an honor; it is satisfying to rank as one of the fastest growing companies in America!

Inc. lists us at #335 in the top 500 list, and places us at #33 for our industry and location. This means that we are the 33rd fastest growing privately-held software company in the United States! See our full Inc 500 profile here.

Inc. 500

What does it mean to be an Inc. 500 company? Jane Berentson, Editor for Inc. Magazine explains:

“The list debuted in 1981 as a ranking of the 100 fastest-growing private companies in the U.S. The following year, it expanded to the Inc. 500 and, in 2007, we inaugurated the Inc. 5000. Through each evolution, Inc. has sought to recognize and to celebrate the creativity, dedication, and hard work that entrepreneurs put into building their companies.”

Many of America’s most iconic companies have graced the Inc 500 list including Microsoft, Oracle, Zappos, Patagonia, E*Trade, Intuit and many others. We are honored to share Inc 500 status with such an elite group of successful companies that went on to revolutionize their own industries. See our statistics from Inc. 500 below:

Thanking the Academy

We are thankful to our talented and fiercely dedicated team, the hundreds of clients whom we have created lasting relationships with, and the Ruby and Rails communities. Despite the relative infancy of the language and framework, the demand for Rails development has been extraordinarily high. As a result, we have been able to thrive even in a declining economy.

The Rails ecosystem is made up of hearty and enterprising engineers who are continually creating open source plugins and gems, documentation, and patches, ensuring that we can all have a future working with the language that is beloved to us. The community is a beautiful reflection of our collective desires to pioneer the web application development landscape. If you look at the advancements that have been made in just a few short years, you’d think that Rails developers don’t sleep. In fact, we’re not sure they do.

What’s Next?

Our path to growth, though rewarding and thrilling, has not been effortless. In four years we’ve worked day and night to stay on top of things and to breathe life into our vision. It’s nice to be one of the 500 fastest growing companies in America, but it doesn’t change anything for us – every day we each still sit down and write the best code we can, deliver the most elegant solutions to our clients, learn everything we can in the process, and give back to the community that we are a part of. So what is next? More satisfied clients, well-implemented web solutions, happy engineers, and more open source contributions. Our work is fun and rewarding, and that’s what it’s really all about.