Intridea Supports Mobile Development Education At Mobile UX Camp

This year we’re proud to be a Platinum Sponsor of Mobile UX Camp DC, a mobile technology themed BarCamp. The event is supported by other leading technology companies and will be attended by mobile application developers, content writers and marketers, and others that want to gain an understanding of entrepreneurship and innovation in the mobile space.

Intridea has been developing elegant mobile solutions for high-profile companies like Mashable, Oracle and Mitsubishi for the last several years. We work closely with clients to create meaningful, intuitive, and seamless experiences for their mobile users. We have gained insight and experience into the cutthroat world of mobile development. That’s why our UX/UI and Mobile Engineering teams will be at Mobile UX Camp this year to participate in the event and share their experience.

Mobile UX Camp is sold out, but you can still sponsor the event (or get added to the waitlist). If you’re already attending the event, be sure to swing by the Intridea Room to say hello throughout the day. You won’t want to miss our 45 minute presentation starting at 3:00pm:

You got Mobile in My Desktop: How Mobile Devices are Changing our Interactions With the Web

Modern mobile devices (smartphones and tablets of course) have been teaching users new ways of interacting with data. For the first time since the introduction of the point and click interface 30 years ago, users are interacting with a computer in a brand new way. The mouse is becoming an artifact, and so its usage patterns are going the way of the dodo and the light pen. Hear about how the computer in your pocket is informing the computer on your desk, and why the days of designing for one or the other are rapidly coming to a close.

From our open source development, speaking at conferences, teaching classes, and sponsoring local and national user groups and tech conferences, we are always looking for ways to support the community that we live, work and play in. We’re excited to be at Mobile UX Camp this year to interact with the mobile community as they explore new ways to push the mobile space forward.