Intridea Client, Demosphere, Launches Mobile Score Reporting App

Demosphere, a leading provider of web-based administrative tools for youth sports organizations approached our mobile development team to help give their users mobile accessibility. For some time, they have provided an IVR interface to youth sports organizations to phone in results of soccer matches via cell phone voice commands. Demosphere wanted to break into the mobile app space because they knew that’s where their users were; so, they asked us to assist with creating custom mobile applications for Android and iOS devices.

One of the primary directives was to give the mobile apps functionality and aesthetics similar to the system Demosphere users were already accustomed to. Our team worked closely with Demosphere to define a look and feel that would mimic the experience offered by the already popular voice system. We were able to utilize the structured interactions of that system to quickly and elegantly develop an Android and iOS solution that provided the same login and interaction system as the voice interface, coupled with a familiar and stylized input system.

The UX team worked directly with the client to create blueprint documents that covered the use cases and interactions that would be most straightforward for their users. Following that phase, they worked with their marketing department to define a UI that was on target with their brand.

In working with our vision for the user experience, German and Yincan engineered the development of the Android and iOS applications.

We employed a Kanban agile process for design and development; this lean development practice allowed us to consistently deliver in-process working versions of the applications and adjust to Demosphere’s feedback as we developed. Following a few short weeks of development, Demosphere recently announced PhoneItIn for Android and iPhone.

PhoneItIn™ is Demosphere’s revolutionary score reporting system. Rather than reporting scores in front of a computer, you can now report scores on the go from your mobile device. For those with iPhone or Android devices, a free app allows easy score reporting with no phone call required!

Ashley Ralph, Demosphere Blog

The whole process went smoothly thanks to utilizing web-born development practices and a tight feedback loop. Congratulations to the Demosphere team on penetrating the mobile app market!