Intridea Client Homezada Launches Home Management Software

Last week Homezada officially released their home management software, a complete solution to the dispersed files, incomplete records, and scattered maintenance reports that plague homeowners everywhere.

Homezada’s formula is “Everything about your home in one place” and they’re serious about that; their software allows you to easily document all the possessions in your home, track the value of all of those items, track household improvements (making it easier to remember what you’ve done to improve your house when you decide to sell it), access an ongoing library of to-do maintenance items, and maintain checklists of seasonal cleaning, yardwork and maintenance projects. The system can remind you when it’s time to update air filters, schedule furnace maintenance, and so on.

Below is screenshot of the to-do list functionality of the application:

Homezada approached Intridea to draft the wireframes, help design the user flow, and refine the user experience. Our design team, led by Jurgen and Ted, worked with their internal Rails development team to deliver an engaging and intuitive user experience and to help stylize it within the Rails app.

We were excited to work with Homezada on such an interesting and revolutionary project. We encourage you to watch some of the short videos on their site to learn more about the software.

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