Intrideans Headed to Shanghai for RubyConfChina 2011

November is shaping up to be one of our busiest months for events. This week our design team is in NYC for The Future of Web Design; Ted O’Meara will be in Baltimore next weekend to support Education Hack Day; Michael Bleigh just landed in NYC after presenting at Ruby Midwest, and he, along with all the Senior Partners, will be jetting off to China in two days to meet the Intridea East team in Shanghai for RubyConfChina and then to HangZhou to attend the first Intridea East retreat.

We’re sponsoring RubyConfChina for the second year, and it’s sure to be a great event; Matz, the “father of Ruby” will be in attendance, among 500 other developers and Ruby enthusiasts from China and beyond. Michael will be presenting a new talk:

Crushing Complacency: Reinvention and Software Development:

When developing software it’s easy to allow yourself to become stagnant. Too easily we stop learning, stop revolutionizing, stop questioning because what we have is “good enough.” Learn why and how a philosophy of constant competition — with yourself — can make you a better developer building better software. With examples from open source, polyglot programming, business, and life, this session will delve into how to keep yourself scrappy, young, and eternally hungry for better.

Michael’s talk will take place directly after Matz’s opening keynote. Later in the afternoon, Ping (Partner and Director of Asian Operations at Intridea) and Daniel (a Senior Engineer at Intridea living in Shanghai) are presenting “OSS and Startups” to the RubyConfChina attendees. Their talk will focus on tackling the challenges of profit through an OSS business model.

Be sure to check back next week for photos from RubyConfChina, the retreat, and presentation notes from Michael! And make sure you’re following us on Twitter – it’s a great way to get current information about open positions, open source announcements, event sponsorships, presentation materials, and more.