RubyNation, Take 3!

After kicking off the month of March in Austin at SXSW with Patti and Bobby and then at MountainWest RubyConf with Ted for some UXDD goodness, we’re heading to, well… our backyard.

That’s right, we’re supporting RubyNation for the third year in a row, and this time Pete Jackson will be presenting “Geospace your Rails Apps” to a sold out crowd of more than 250 Ruby enthusiasts.

The 2 track/2 day conference kicks off this Friday at the Sheraton in Reston, Virginia. Pete takes the stage at 3:40 pm on Friday afternoon:


Want to add location, mapping, or complex spatial analysis to your Rails applications? Not sure about the difference between OpenLayers, Google Maps, Bing Maps, RGeo, GeoRuby, GeoCommons, or the many other choices in front of you? Join this session for a walkthrough of the stack choices you will be faced with while navigating the Geospatial landscape.

Intridea co-founder Dave Naffis will be there too, talking shop with folks and taking in the sights.

Five years running, RubyNation brings Ruby luminaries to the DC community, energizing the local Ruby scene with poignant speakers, networking opportunities, and thoughtful, intellectual debate. We’re thrilled to support this event and the greater DC/MD/VA Ruby community.

If you want to track down Dave or Pete at the conference this week be sure to ping them on Twitter or harass them in the hallways between tracks!