Intridea at SXSW

SXSW kicks off this week, and you’ll find Intrideans Patti and Bobby in Austin for the tech event of the year!

Be sure to hit the Rockstars or Roadies: Who’s the Better Employee panel at 3:30 on Sunday, March 11th to hear leaders from successful companies talk about their experiences building teams of productive, happy, and talented employees. Patti will be sharing her own expertise on working with Rockstars and Roadies, alongside Corey Reid of Freshbooks, Daniel Ha of Disqus, Heather Gold of Subvert, and Joe Stump of SimpleGeo.

Even if you can’t make the panel be sure to hit up @pattichan and @bobbymartines via Twitter during the festival – they’re looking forward to connecting with anyone who enjoys talking about tech as much as they do!