Mobomo Talks Next Gen Federal Sites in April’s Tech Bisnow Newsletter

It’s annoying when you pull up a website on your iPhone but have to be the size of a mouse to actually read it. Mobomo (including founder Barg Upender, creative director Brian Lacey, and president Ken Fang) is trying to solve that one federal agency at a time. The Bethesda, Md.-based company is developing device agnostic websites and consumer apps for GSA, Department of Commerce, the International Trade Administration, and the National Library of Medicine. One of its first projects was building GSA’s USA Search iPhone app. Now Mobomo is seeing even more demand for mobile web despite shrinking budgets. The company is working on redeveloping an app gallery for GSA and re-writing Ken says the company’s commercial-inspired agile approach makes it affordable to agencies.

Barg launched Mobomo in 2009 after seeing a huge disruption by the iPhone in the device space. The company is now 39 people with revenue tripling in the last three years. The company also has commercial clients, including Votifi, which uses a Mobomo-built app to gauge public opinion. Barg (who also mentors other entrepreneurs) says Mobomo’s success has been by staying ahead of trends. For example, Brian is working on tweaking apps for the iPad’s latest retina display. It’s a challenge to keep up considering there are 99 different view ports on a smartphone. “In the old days there were just a few sizes. So we’re helping commercial companies and government agencies deal with this rate of innovation,” says Barg.

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