Video Interview: Developer Happiness & Touchscreen Philosophy

Jurgen and Anthony poke fun of the stylus tool and talk about fostering happy development teams in this exclusive interview at MoDevUX.

The short, 5 minute video gives a glimpse into how we work at Intridea and ends with some amusing banter on the state of touchscreens and the lingering use of the stylus.

Of note, Anthony explains how giving developers time to work on personal projects supports the company in more ways than one:

  • Allows our developers an opportunity to build up a library of open source work.
  • Many projects we do for our clients are massive in scope and individual developers don’t always feel a sense of ownership or completion as frequently as they might like. Anthony explains, “Everyone in the organization needs to experience that level of execution.” Encouraging developers to work on personal projects gives them more opportunities to feel that sense of ownership and completion. This philosophy is “always a positive outcome and never a waste of time”, Anthony says.
  • It’s training – developers learn new technologies to use in their projects. The knowledge they gain is put to use on client projects and spread to other developers, keeping all of us agile and bleeding-edge.

To see the full interview (and find out why we think the stylus is so “1999”) watch the video and let us know what you think in the comments below or through Twitter! And be sure to check out the other interviews from the MoDevUX event on their YouTube channel.