John Cromartie to speak at MoDevTablet – 4 pm – September 14th

Parsimonious Pixel Pushing

With the release of the new iPad, and slew of hi-res Android tablets close behind, it’s clear that tablets are overtaking the average desktop screen in terms of pure pixel count. Your mission, as an app developer, is to fill all of those up with tasty UI goodness.

But how can you populate more than 3 million pixels without bloating your app’s download size, saturating your users’ bandwidth, incurring load-time penalties, or eating too much memory?

How can you design a great-looking UI for multiple screen sizes and densities without an exponential increase in pre-rendered design assets?

This talk will look at some techniques (iOS-focused, with code!) to slim down your apps while taking full advantage of supersized screens. We will also take a peek into some of the techniques that iOS itself employs to stay efficient.

About John Cromartie

John Cromartie began developing native apps for customers and self-publishing with Mobomo in 2009. After taking a 2 year break from mobile, he’s back and excited to take advantage of the explosion of smartphone and tablet capabilities.