Ken Fang presents at the Mobile First Webinar

Federal agency mobile implementation is an important aspect of the Digital Government Strategy, so last week the Mobile Gov team and Digital Gov University partnered for a “Mobile First” Webinar. A “mobile first” approach is where new websites and applications are designed for mobile devices first, instead of designed for the traditional desktop.  Representatives from government and the private sector spoke about what it means to be “mobile first.” You can listen to the entire webinar, but here are some highlights:

Ken Fang from Mobomo Inc. talked about the importance of a mobile first approach, citing the increasing percent of traffic routing from mobile devices. Fang  proposed three steps to consider when choosing a device and platform to develop.

  1. Consider your audience needs and remembering who and what you are making the app for.
  2. Think about what kind of content will be sent out.
  3. Think platform strategy —answering whether you develop for one device or choose a different route such as an API or responsive design.

Mobile First Presentation

Mobile First – July 2012