What Gets You Excited About Tech Today?

Since joining Intridea a few short months ago, I’ve been delving back into the world of Ruby on Rails, and reacquainting myself with everything tech that I missed out on while living in my marketing bubble. Needless to say, there’s a lot going on. And there’s a ton to get excited about.

Rails 4.0 was just released, the NSA open-sourced the (a part) of the software that runs their PRISM program (Accumulo), the term “big data” has more than 1,450,000,000 results on Google, and I’m finally going to be getting my Leap Motion in the mail.

These are exciting times we’re living in.

With all this technological change going on around us, and we in tech being in the middle of it all, I was curious about what excited my fellow Intrideans in tech today.

Here’s what they said…

What Excites Intrideans

“I love drones, and am going to build my own sometime. It’s pretty easy, which can be freaky for some (my neighbors) and exciting for others (me).”

Robert Dempsey


“What excites me is informatics in biology and chemistry. The potential for solving life threatening and even civilization threatening problems is within each of our grasps. I expect with each year forward, our ability to solve complex micro problems with macro scale effects will exceed our wildest dreams, and lead to a more fulfilled and comprehensive understanding of our existence.”

Anthony Nystrom


“3D printing has interesting possibilities.”

Kathleen Selmer


“3D printing. Also Google Glass and wearable computing generally.”

Marc Garrett


“Wearable tech. Fitbits and other trackers, Google Glass, Pebble (and other similar) smart watches. I’m excited to have my tech implanted, so I can’t lose it ;)”

Maggie Lubberts


“From a dev perspective, Polymer is pretty exciting. From a general tech perspective, self-driving cars are probably going to be one of the biggest wholesale technological changes to society in history when they become widespread.”

Michael Bleigh


“Arduino and the like. The idea of tiny programs / scripts helping to automate the boring tasks in your life. I remember reading about somebody making a cat feeder with an Arduino.”

Eric Himmelreich


“Wearable computing or devices that generate data for apps (FitBit, Nike+, etc). Touch interfaces are still exciting since we are seeing a steady growth of touch interfaces in cars, kiosks, airplanes, fridge, soda machine, and more.”

Jurgen Altzeibler


“Wearable devices that track personal data in real time, and bigger touch interfaces than iPad. And like the NSA, collecting and analyzing big and bigger data.”

Tom Zeng


“I’m excited about robotics and their software.”

Yuriy Chesnokov


“The increased availability of internet connectivity and mobile devices in the developing world. Kenya for example leads the world now in mobile money/banking because the tech is providing a service that was previously only available to a minority.”

Serign Jobe


“3D printing. Also anything related to environmental sensors, which I think is the next step for quantified self. Not only will we know when we’re our fittest, happiest, and most productive (!) but we’ll also inhabit rooms that morph to support that.”

Patti Chan


“Wearable fitness devices, but extending that into medicine. Having the ability to monitor yourself for early indicators of disease and other metabolic issues. The best hope our current medical system is to force the industry to focus on preventative medicine, which I think will become more practical in the coming years.”

Peter Gumeson

What Gets You Excited About Tech Today?

It could be anything, and doesn’t necessarily have to be development related.

Let me know in the comments below!