An Introvert’s Guide to Working Remote

Introverts have it made when it comes to working remote, right? We don’t thrive on socialization; in fact we can go days without talking. Small talk is exhausting and people popping in and out of our cubicle is just a tad annoying.

So what’s more ideal than working in PJs and never faking your way through another convo at the coffee maker?! (don’t lie, you know you strategically came in early just to avoid this!)

Well, speaking from experience, once it’s gone, you kind of wish you had it back (gasp). Yes, it’s awesome working on your own schedule and being inspired to work when you WANT to work, but the lack of human contact, even for an introvert, can quickly grow old.

So what’s an introvert to do? Well, never fear! You really can have it all. It just takes a little ingenuity…

1. Be Intentional

Don’t work from home EVERY day. Brush your teeth, put some shoes on, and set up camp at your local coffee shop. Create a weekly schedule, with daily locations, and stick to it. Find a co-working space, café, park, whatever! Just be consistent and intentionally put yourself in social situations.

2. Smile

Take those headphones off and make eye contact with the people around you; the cashier, barista, UPS driver, even your neighbor! I know, I know, crazy talk. But seriously, do you know who makes your latte every morning? Chat it up with your barista and see how his day’s going! There are plenty of opportunities for you to socialize with other people, wherever you are!

3. Do scary things

For us introverts, new social setting can quickly become intimidating, but fight the voice that says, “just stay home and hang out with your Netflix friends.” Step outside your comfort zone; join a climbing gym, running club, art studio, bow-hunting team, anything! Just find something that excites (or scares) you and jump into it!

Connecting in the remote world is tough enough; add a layer of introversion and it gets even trickier! Thus, finding ways to interact with people, beyond social media and the virtual world is the only way to survive. We are innately social beings, even us introverted folks, so do yourself a favor; take a risk, smile, and say hello.