Ezra Zygmuntowicz, Intridea’s CTO

I’m excited today to formally welcome Ezra Zygmuntowicz to Intridea as our Chief Technology Officer.

I first met Ezra in 2006 at a hastily-arranged Ruby on Rails workshop at a Washington, DC charter school. Back in those early days of Ruby on Rails, there were very few training opportunities available, and I was thrilled to learn from one of the earliest adopters and most well-known Rails developers in the world. That was the day I fell in love with Ruby and Rails. Learning from Ezra was one of the formative moments in my becoming a Rails developer. Soon after that workshop, I joined other like-minded Ruby developers and started building Intridea.

Since that workshop, I’ve followed Ezra’s career with great interest; from his founding EngineYard (the most well-known Ruby on Rails web host), to his position at VMWare heading the development of CloudFoundry (the leading open source Platform-as-a-service), to his starting Trinity Labs (a company that builds 3D printers and performs robotics R&D).

As thrilled as I was to learn from Ezra back in 2006, I’m even more thrilled now that he has joined Intridea. Ezra will grow and mentor our engineering team, continue his open-source work — not to mention spreading the open-source love — and help deliver scalable and well-engineered products to our clients.

Ezra’s open-source contributions are legendary among Rubyists and the wider development community. From his own creations like merb and nanite, to his numerous contributions to other projects, Ezra has left an indelible mark on Ruby development. His history of innovation is a perfect fit with the Intridea team that released OmniAuth, Grape, and Stately, among many other open-source projects.

I couldn’t be more excited to call Ezra an Intridean.