Unveiling HumanProgress.org with the Cato Institute

On Wednesday morning, Intridea CEO Marc Garrett will be on stage at the Cato Institute to officially introduce HumanProgress.org to the world. The result of a months-long collaboration between Intridea and the Cato Institute, HumanProgress.org is a comprehensive research tool that allows users to explore a wealth of data on human well-being and human development indicators.

We’ve loved working with the Cato Institute to bring HumanProgress.org to life — it’s been a thrilling opportunity to showcase Intridea’s deep expertise in user experience design, Ruby on Rails development, data analysis, and data visualization. They’re also a wonderful group of people to work with!

Please join us at 10am eastern as the conference is live-streamed at www.cato.org/live, or follow along with the event tweets at @CatoEvents.

Following the unveiling will be a keynote address by Robert Zoellick, the former World Bank President, and a panel discussion on “the extent of improvements in human well-being and what challenges lie ahead” with Robert Samuelson of the Washington Post and Ronald Bailey of Reason magazine.