Sister to Sister Foundation Partners with Mobomo to Lead the Heart Revolution

Heart attacks have been the leading cause of death among women and men since 1921[1]—it kills over 600,000 people each year[2]. Sister to Sister Foundation has been working for almost 15 years to empower women to overcome this highly treatable disease through awareness, health screenings, and behavioral change. Recently, they realized that they needed to overhaul their digital strategy to reach more women and be a market leader in women’s health. Enter Mobomo.

Sister to Sister has contracted Mobomo to start the revolution. Together, we’re designing and executing a strategy that empowers a community of women through outreach, social media engagement, and technology. Starting with American Heart Month (February 2014), Sister to Sister will launch a new suite of tools and activities to engage women and start moving the needle towards healthier women.

We believe with Mobomo as their partner, Sister to Sister will be dancing its way to 10x growth across all their key metrics. So get ready. The heart revolution is coming.