O’Reilly Strata + HumanProgress.org

People live longer, are better educated, lead more healthful lives, and are less violent than at any time in human history. How do we know this? Well, after months of collaboration between Intridea and the Cato Institute, that data has come to life! Human Progress is a comprehensive research tool that allows users to explore a wealth of data on human well-being and human development indicators.

Intridea’s Marc Garrett and Maggie Lubberts will be on stage at O’Reilly Strata in London today to discuss how Intridea utilized R, responsive design, and D3.js to create this amazing research tool!

Topics for their talk:

  • How we saved hundreds of hours of effort by using R to build a “correlation quilt” to help us uncover interesting stories in the data.
  • How we used a responsive design and D3.js to let people explore the data sets whether on desktop or mobile.
  • How we put Steven Pinker’s data from “The Better Angles of our Nature” on the web for the first time ever.

Intridea loved bringing Human Progress to life. It’s been an amazing opportunity to showcase Intridea’s deep expertise in user experience design, Ruby on Rails development, data analysis, and data visualization and we are thrilled to have two of our Intrideans discussing it at O’Reilly Strata in London today!