Add to Home Screen: The (iOS) Natives are Getting Restless

iOS has always offered the ability to add web pages to the home screens of iPhones and iPads, but there are tons of techniques that when combined can make for a great “app experience” via the web!

At ModevEast 2013, Ben will delve into this “app experience” with examples ranging from enterprise and prototyping, to simple informational apps. Web developers and entrepreneurs alike, don’t miss out! With an emphasis on creating value for his attendees, Ben will equip you with the necessary tools to create an intuitive, visually stunning, and cost effective app all on your own!

What you’ll learn at Add to Home Screen: The (iOS) Natives are Getting Restless

How to…

  • Create home screen icons
  • Start up splash screens
  • Run web apps full screen
  • Utilize offline storage and image uploading
  • Drive the user to run the page as a home screen app

By the end of this talk you’ll be armed with some great techniques for building a web app with a native feel for iOS.