At Mobomo, Wednesdays are for Nerding Out

The best kind of Wednesday is New Toy Wednesday, and at Mobomo we take our toys pret-ty seriously. On this past wet and dreary Wednesday, our CEO toted in a surprise that resulted in glee-filled shrieks rivaling those of any child on Christmas Day. What was that surprise, you ask?


Oculus, of course. This virtual reality headgear passed from hand to hand (well, head to head) as we each took turns escaping from our non-pixelated reality. Chasing rainbows, walking through walls, jumping off 30 foot cliffs—it all got very real (…as real as virtual reality can get) as we wobbled and navigated the Nintendo-esque terrains of Riftoon. The only thing potentially better? Using Google Glass to identify our technicolor Oculus surroundings. Hmm….that will be playtime for another day 😉