MoDev Booth + Websockets = Mobomo FTW

It happens at every conference.

Vendors and sponsors in their swag-filled booths—each barely distinguishable from the next—all vie to present themselves as the best hackers and builders, rambling on about their “insert latest tech trend solution here.”

But not Mobomo.

We proudly sponsored our first MoDevGov conference, and like any mobile development firm worth its Macs, we asked ourselves: “Why tell when you can show?”

And thus, our MoDevGov hackathon was born.

We decided to make our booth interactive by creating a real-time web application that users could interact with using any device. After some Mobomo mind-melding, we opted to bring a childhood classic back and top it with a Mobomo twist. Our Frogger allowed infinite frogs to test their fate in real time over websockets.


Users with a computer could see the entire game and all frogs moving across the road. Mobile users were presented with an NES-style remote with to control their frog while watching it move on the projector.


When in doubt? Show—and play!