ModevGov | Big Data + Responsive Design


Alright, so your big data infrastructure is up and running. You've collected and analyzed gigabytes, terabytes, maybe even petabytes of data and now you'd like to visualize that data on your desktops, tablets, and smart phones.

How do you go about doing this? Well, at a high level, big data when summarized/aggregated, simply becomes smaller data. The balancing act though is effectively displaying your data while also creating an ideal user experience.

In today’s talk, we’ll discuss the art and science of responsive web app development with HTML5, D3, CoffeeScript/JavaScript, Rails and MongoDB. Based on Intridea’s work with American Bible Society, we’ll show you how to visualize big data on mobile phones and tablets via the hosting site Amazon EC2 and processed using Amazon Elastic Map/Reduce with Apache Hive and Pig. In addition, we’ll showcase the beautiful dashboard developed by our UX team and discuss the architecture, both frontend and backend, behind this exciting project.

Visualizing Big Data on Small Devices will be @ 4 PM today in the Artisphere ballroom. Don't miss out!

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