Not Your Mother’s Drupal

The challenge: develop a highly-available, secure Drupal environment that receives 500,000 visits per day. Simple enough? Not so fast: it has to be built—from scratch—in 13 weeks.

Daunted? We weren’t. Mobomo worked to deploy one of the most popular government websites on Drupal in a little over three months. To ensure high-availability and security, the team leveraged Amazon Cloud infrastructure and developed a custom module to copy the HTML and files associated with Drupal pages to Amazon S3 / CloudFront upon publishing. The result? A highly-scalable, secure architecture capable of serving millions of users from anywhere, at any point, any day.

Further, the architecture we implemented separates the Drupal content management system (CMS)—used for content authoring—from the public site (static pages on S3 and CloudFront). As the CMS can only be accessed on the agency’s internal network, the separation ensures a high-level of security from cyber attacks.

13 weeks, 1.5 TBs of data, 250,000+ pages to migrate, one major Federal Government client, and one (rockstar) Mobomo team.

Challenge? Obliterated.

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