SpreeCommerce to Bolster Online Shopping Takeover


We are thrilled for the success of our client, SpreeCommerce, who has just landed a major client (and got major coverage in TechCrunch): GoDaddy! SpreeCommerce, an open source shopping solution, will support GoDaddy’s new e-commerce storefront, as they prepare to compete against Shopify.


Maximizing the Ruby on Rails flexibility of Spree, GoDaddy has created a number of customizations to best serve its small business customers seeking online retail solutions. Customers at all technical levels will be able to successfully use the site, as GoDaddy paid particular attention to usability and simplicity—both facilitated by SpreeCommerce’s user-friendly offerings.


Spree’s simplicity and ease of use coupled with its robustness made it the clear runner in a list of other e-commerce platforms. Sandeep Grover, Head of Product for Presence and Commerce at GoDaddy, notes:

“There are a lot of e-commerce sites out there, including our own [QuickShoppingCart] that are extremely complicated. We felt that there’s no [other] solution that’s easy, affordable, or extensible.”

And GoDaddy isn’t the only one: SpreeCommerce underlies the shopping experience of Bonobos, Blue Bottle Coffee, Chipotle, Tommy John and numerous others.

Congrats, SpreeCommerce: keep making shopping easy!