Brooklyn. NeoLucida. Spritzenhaus.

Thanks to the kickstarter campaign NeoLucida, Intridea had the chance to play with 19th century drawing tools last week! As a fully distributed team, we often find excuses to get together, and the Neolucida was the perfect reason for such an event.

Brooklyn became our mecca for this workshop and with a beautiful studio, awesome location, and great instructor, our one day workshop was rather idyllic.

With alligator heads, My Little Pony, and flowers for inspiration, Intridea’s UX team quickly took to the NeoLucida; a tool composed of lenses and mirrors that when angled properly superimpose your subject onto paper.

Alt text

The icing on the cake though, was having NeoLucida’s brainchild conduct our workshop. Based out of Chicago, Pablo made a special trip for Intridea’s workshop and we couldn’t have had a better instructor. With a background in media archaeology and a passion for visual culture and imaging technologies, Pablo’s excitement was infectious and his insight into the NeoLucida was invaluable.

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It was a great experience and ending our day at Brooklyn’s fine establishment, the Spritzenhaus sealed the deal.

Special thanks to all the folks at 67 West St. Studio!