Houston | Mission Control for Distributed Teams

A few months ago, we quietly launched a dashboard helping remote distributed companies, like us, keep in touch. Working remote is great, but requires a level of strategy. With differing time zones, multiple projects, and varying schedules it can be difficult to keep everyone in the loop. Houston is our solution.

Since it’s launch, we’ve utilized Houston to see who’s on vacation, what cool projects everyone’s working on, and revamp our company handbook via a Hipchat-powered Q&A knowledgebase. Best of all? We open sourced it, so you can use it too. Check out this two minute video and get the Houston dashboard up and running for your organization!

We can’t wait to see how you use Houston. Fork it, add your own tools, and share it back. Houston is 100% built with Ruby on Rails, Bootstrap, and integrates with Google apps, Harvest, and Confluence.

Here’s just a few ideas we’ve got coming up on our own Houston roadmap:

  • Who’s online? Rollup of statuses across Hipchat, Google, and Github
  • Analyze Github commits for visualizing team skills
  • Where is everyone? Location and time zone indicator
  • Bookmarks: cool finds and helpful tips extracted from Hipchat logs

What do you want to add to Houston? Let us know!