Claim Your Money: Mobomo Builds Federal Fund Search Site

Does Uncle Sam owe you money? One of Mobomo’s latest websites will tell you!

Unclaimed Money is a search engine that allows U.S. citizens to find out whether they are owed money by the government. By scanning three different databases, Unclaimed Money provides users immediate results that could lead them to unknown or forgotten funds.

Mobomo very much enjoyed the particular challenges of building this site. First, we had to interconnect Unclaimed Money with MyUSA, a federal website project driven by Presidential Fellows: connecting the two was an exciting feat. Next, we were tasked with making the entire site 508 compliant, allowing accessibility to citizens with cognitive and learning issues. With the 508 revamp we facilitated, users who may be colorblind, blind, have ALS or other control-limiting disabilities are able to navigate Unclaimed Money without using a physical keyboard or mouse.

Finally, we automated the deployment with no access to a server. For those who may be unfamiliar with development, this is akin to driving from the passenger seat: we had no access to the site’s “steering wheel” (or, the production server), but we had to successfully drive the car. And we did!

Visit Unclaimed Money and discover whether you have free, federal money to claim!