#GirlsWhoCode: A Weekend with Cyberjutsu Girls Academy

At Mobomo, we love to give back—and there’s nothing better than giving back while doing the thing that we love most: building things.

This past weekend, we were thrilled to support a great organization, Cyberjutsu Girls Academy, a non-profit STEM program that seeks to empower girls to build bright futures by teaching them about cybersecurity and technology.

In an engineering lab at the University of Maryland – College Park, and TeqCorner, Arlington, VA, Mobomo led approximately 50 middle school-aged girls on their quest to build their very first Android app. Utilizing MIT’s savvy program, App Inventor, the girls were given four development objectives, which ultimately resulted in four working apps!

These budding developers loved coding so much, that some went on to make apps far more complex than directed: by the end, we had apps that could talk, apps that were 5 modules deep, apps that could be erased with a shake—and even fortune-telling apps! The girls also played with Google Glass, and took expert videos and pictures, and successfully searched for Scotland’s national animal.

Great job, Cyberjutsu! With such enthusiasm and smarts, we may have to hold a few jobs here at Mobomo for you!