Smart for the Heart Debuts at 2014 ACC Conference

Mobomo was excited to accompany our client, Sister to Sister, just a few weeks ago at their first ever American College of Cardiology (ACC) Conference! Hosted at the Washington Convention Center, the ACC Conference consisted of a 3-day session devoted entirely to heart health and the latest developments in heart science. Thousands of cardiologists and those closely connected to heart health travelled from around the country (and further) to champion healthy hearts.

While there, Sister to Sister presented its heart risk assessment tool, Smart for the Heart, to conference attendees, and received a great response! Users loved the app’s simplicity, its vibrant colors, and the helpful recommendations it offered to aid them in their heart health journey. Our app’s credibility didn’t hurt either: cardiologists appreciated that it was based on the latest American College of Cardiology and American Heart Association science-based criteria!

Attendees also loved that Smart for the Heart is a women-focused heart health app, and we’re proud to be working with a notable leader in women’s heart health. We’re thrilled by the experts’ reception of Smart for the Heart, and looking forward to our continued partnership with Sister to Sister as they fulfill their mission of improving (women’s) heart health. To try the app and calculate your heart risk, search “Smart for the Heart” on iTunes or Google Play, or visit the web-based tool.