Why Weird Marketing Works

weird marketing

How do you get noticed when money is tight and the bigwig is who you’re after?

By talking to them in big bold letters. Add a fuchsia backdrop, plaster it on a board, throw in a few GIFS, and put it in the center of NYC—directly across from their window. That’s how!

Last Monday, Intridea launched our first billboard experiment; talking to a hopeful client through the art of bright banners and GIFS. It’s unlike anything we’ve done before and completely out of the norm, but sometimes that’s what it’s all about…

As entrepreneurs, we have to get creative to stand out these days. Marketing is crazy competitive and long gone are the days of mere emailing, phone calls, and Google search.

So what’s a young business to do? Get weird, that’s what.

If you want someone’s attention, reach out to them in any way possible. Don’t be timid and don’t second guess yourself. Market in an unconventional way and you’ll get unconventional (and more often than not) – positive responses. Don’t believe me? Keep reading.

Uber | Kittens + Cupcakes

Uber is great. Add kittens and cupcakes to the mix and you’ve just made a friend for life. On National Cat Day, Uber went out of their way to celebrate their feline loving fans. On this day, NYC, San Fran, and Seattle Uber users could “request a kitten” and enjoy a cupcake — all because Uber said so! Talk about odd, out-of-the-box, and interesting.

Airbnb | Hollywood + Vines

Back in 2013, after a series of renter mishaps, Airbnb turned its focus to user experience. With their campaign, titled Hollywood & Vines, Airbnb created a four minute short film utilizing six second Vine videos from users all over the world. It was an uncommon route, but excellent platform for partnering with Airbnb users and capturing their adventurous spirits.

Ben & Jerry’s | Tweet for Ice Cream

I love B&J’s CORE ice cream campaign. Traveling around the US and setting up shop in various cities, BJ is giving out free ice cream to anyone who tweets them. Its awesome, fun, and super convenient for their lovely fans. Plus not only is it free, but they hand deliver them to your specific location – talk about customer loyalty!

Don’t get wrapped up in the details. Go out there and do something crazy; it’s the only way to succeed as an entrepreneur. Too much thinking wastes too much valuable time.

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