Mobomo Helps Pacify Health Land $1.1 Million


There are few things more exciting than witnessing a client’s success, and today Mobomo is very excited. Our client, Pacify Health, has just landed $1.1 million in funding! Pacify is a startup which seeks to connect new parents with pediatric professionals (nurses, dietitians, and lactation consultants) through an on-demand, 24/7 videoconferencing platform.

The app will be a portal for only the best service providers, and available on a very affordable subscription basis. And, parents can rest knowing that they’re not only connected to highly vetted professionals at an affordable rate, but all of their (and their child’s) private information is highly secured.

This week, investors gave their stamp of approval: Pacify received its million (plus) dollar funding from D.C. accelerator, Acceleprise, as well as a number of area angel investors. The official app will launch in the beginning of April, rolling out to D.C., Maryland, and Virginia to start.

We’re proud to have built the Pacify app which helped in their fundraising, and—as a company passionate about mobile health—excited to see this product take off. Congrats Pacify! Cheers to this success and many, many more.