3 Things I Learned While Working Remote

working from home
Working remote is great; autonomy, flexibility, work/life balance, you name it! However, while the benefits severely outweigh the costs, working from home does present its own set of challenges. Below are the findings of a veteran to remote working.

1. You get to work from home, but you shouldn’t always.

Working remote is the freedom to work from anywhere. Often times we get fixated on remote equaling home office, but it so much more than that! Perhaps you enjoy working out in the sun, or maybe a little structure at a co-working space is your thing? Whatever it is – the point is you get to choose and that’s a beautiful thing.

Some of my best connections, ideas, and productivity have occurred outside the home office, so just because you can work from your kitchen, doesn’t mean you always should.

2. Autonomy is amazing, but also requires intentional discipline.

When describing my job, I often equate it to being your own boss w/o the usual entrepreneurial stressors. However, while there’s tons of freedom, with that freedom comes great responsibility (Spiderman plug). Sticking to a schedule, writing out your daily goals, and keeping yourself motivated are crucial to a healthy and effective work life. If you’re someone who thrives under constant supervision, be wary of remote jobs, this may not be for you. Self motivation and discipline are key to success in this arena.

3. Effective communication is a requirement, not a nice to have.

With the subtraction of body language, tone of voice, and physical proximity, the written word, emoticons, and timely responses become crucial. This is why utilizing GIFs, emoticons, and #status updates are important. If you think you’re being redundant, you’re probably doing just the right amount. Never underestimate the importance of emotional intelligence in the virtual world.
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