7 Tips for Rockin’ Autonomy Work Life

Sticking to a schedule, writing out your daily goals, and keeping yourself motivated are crucial to a healthy and effective remote position. Here are a few tips from a seasoned remote veteran:

1. Sticky Notes

Write down your tasks. The physical act of writing down, crossing out, and throwing away a sticky note is amazing! Scientifically speaking, this is more than just writing on a piece of paper. It’s a way to calm your mind, focus on the task at hand, and see through a project vs. aimlessly wandering through your day.

2. Breaks

Know that busy does not equate to productivity. If you’re feeling burned out at 10 am after an hour of research – TAKE A BREAK. Go for a walk, grab a coffee, or give someone a call. Step back from your computer and let your mind recharge. Some of the best musicians work in 90 min intervals and are consistent about 15-20 minute breaks.

3. Routine

Stick to a schedule. Wake up at the same time, exercise, eat breakfast, journal, and most importantly SHOWER. Just because you work from home doesn’t mean you should roll out of bed and go straight to working. Developing the habit of routine will help you work at optimal times and have a sense of accomplishment at the end of the day.

4. #standup updates

This is a strategy @Intridea uses for most projects and day to day operations. It’s a way of building accountability and awareness with our peers in regards to individual to-do lists. Working remotely can often feel like a silo and keeping everyone informed of your “work list” not only helps you to stay on task, but keeps others from derailing you with “emergency, last minute” requests.

5. Plan the Night Before

Create tomorrow’s to-do list the night before; it’s at the forefront of your mind and writing them down will keep you from dwelling on them throughout the night. Empty your brain and save valuable morning time by utilizing those last 15 minutes of your day to set tomorrow up for success.

6. Know When to Stop

Fight the urge to check work email after a certain time. Make it a point to shut down and be present with your family and friends. Traditional employees have the luxury of separating home life from work life, you however will need to be intentional with your personal time and designated “work” hours.

7. Social Media fasting

Block out times in the day for social media and honor your schedule. Facebook and Twitter can easily destroy productivity and suck hours away from your day! Know yourself and know when you work best – avoid these distractors and use them as rewards for getting stuff done vs. wasting your valuable time and energy on it.

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