Takeaways From The 2016 Internet Trends Report

Who feels like they can never keep up with the latest trends? I think we all have that feeling at some point. If you are not within the industry you often feel like you are lagging behind and are considered to live in the dark ages. It seems like each year a new piece of technology is created and is considered to be the cutting edge of technology.

TechCrunch recently released Mary Meekers essential 2016 Internet Trends Report and the findings were very interesting.

  1. Global shipment of smartphones slowed dramatically, with cell phones not making leaps and bounds of improvement from year to year, people feel less inclined to purchase each year to “stay ahead of the curve”.


  1. Android is gaining more market share on iOS but the average price of the Android is dropping drastically. Meaning Android is more of a hot item for web and app developers to use versus phone makers.


  1. Mobile is dominating online advertising, with Facebook growing much faster than Google.


  1. Advertisers are still missing the mark and spending way too much of their budget on traditional media. The focus has now turned to digital, more specifically mobile. Spoiler alert, businesses that go to mobile advertising will be ahead of the curve.


  1. Millennials are not just an age group, rather they are focused on having a healthy work-life balance, self development, and community contribution – it is said that their impact will grow drastically.


  1. The rise of video sharing is driving more usage to visual apps like Snapchat and Instagram versus using text heavy apps like Twitter or LinkedIn.


  1. Video is evolving to control the video-on-demand.


  1. With around 10 billion short video views per day, video creators must make content designed for Facebook and Snapchat.

  1. The U.S could be named the top car industry once again with innovations by Tesla and Google.


What do you think about where the latest trends are headed? Be sure to check out Mary Meekers full report.