First Buenos Aires Meetup!

Swift Community Meetup

Mobomo has had a large team based in Buenos Aires, Argentina for over 6 years and our team based there has grown to be nearly 30 people.  A large majority of our award-winning design and quality assurance teams are made up of Buenos Aires talent.  May 4th was our first Buenos Aires Meetup.  Pablo Villar, iOS developer of the Mobomo Team, lead his first event for the Swift Community. Pablo has over 5 years of experience coding on this platform.  With over 50 attendees at La Maquinta (a coworking space in Palermo Hollywood), the event was a huge success!

These are the 3 Topics That We Presented:

  1. ReSwift by Francisco Reynolds
    • He showed us how to use ReSwift in order to create unidirectional data flows so your code ends up being clearer and more concise.
  2. UITesting + FBSnapshotCase by Frederico Jordan
    • He showcased a practical example of this testing tool to show how useful this could be for your projects.
  3. MVVM + ReactiveCocoa by Mariano Abdala
    • He told us about MVVM architechtural pattern advantages through the use of Reactive programming.

If you would like to see more, check out the full streaming at May 4th – Buenos Aires MeetUp

Special thanks to Alejandra Marquez, our People Operations Manager, who made this possible!

Buenos Aires Meetup

Buenos Aires Meetup

Buenos Aires Meetup