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Writer’s Guide

The Writer’s Guide module was created for a very specific reason: to give non-technical introductions for Drupal administration pages right on the page where content teams can see it and use it. The problem it solves is that there’s a huge information gap between the Drupal Guidebook (both its location and information) and help text in core Drupal itself.

As a Content Specialist myself before becoming a Developer, trying to find information that wasn’t directed as site builders and developers was next to impossible. It was actually easier to learn how to become a developer than it was to find the answers to simple questions such as “how do I set the homepage to a specific page?”

This module bridges that gap by using the Tours module to give basic introductions on the tasks that can be done on certain administration pages by putting that information directly on the page itself--no searching around, no wondering if the info they found actually applies to this version of the site, etc. These introductions contain links out to video and text information that gives a more in-depth overview of the tasks. So if the writer/editor/producer wants more information, the next step is already curated and ready to go.

The concept is simple and the Tours module, in the opinion of the Writer’s Guide module maintainer, is underused in most Drupal 8/9 sites and could offer a lot of help to non-technical staff and stakeholders who are using these sites every day.

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