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Baseball Factory

Recognized as the leader in player development for the past 21 years, Baseball Factory provides world-class instruction, life-changing experiences and new opportunities to help student-athletes achieve their dream of playing college baseball.

Seeking ways to help players reach their full potential through science and innovation, Baseball Factory conducted a series of studies over several years narrowing in on five key categories of stress that interfere with the ability of a player to maximize his talents on the field: performance pressure, competitive demands, time pressure, task load, and noise.

Armed with these findings, the team developed Baseball Factory’s signature Game Time Pressure Training and Simulation Program– a premier strategy for helping athletes overcome game-time stressors. The program has been successfully implemented in both live game and simulated environments, but always in an in-person, hands-on setting.

In 2015, Baseball Factory approached Mobomo to create an app that could translate the Program into a digital environment. Previously limited by location, Baseball Factory wanted a virtual program that enabled them to reach players - anytime, anywhere. Thus, Mobomo took on the challenge to create the Baseball Factory app."


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What we made

With a target audience of 11 to 18 years old, the app needed to be fun as well as educational; teaching players how to handle stress and perform in game-time settings.

Gamifying the app, Mobomo included several custom features. Virtual baseball cards, or personal profiles, displaying user card rankings, total score and badges earned. Training exercises, challenging a player’s vision and balance via wheel displays and phone gyroscopes games. And coaching content, providing high quality video tutorials ranging from techniques for teeing up and combating game time pressures to training videos on balance and pitching.

How we made it

Baseball Factory is an iOS app built on Objective C language. It uses web services, gyroscope, and local storage for offline usage.

With over 75,000 athletes to date, Baseball Factory needed an app that could grow with them. Utilizing an RoR framework, Mobomo quickly developed Baseball Factory’s multi-layered application, creating a scalable database to house its current and future users.

Baseball Factory appBaseball Factory app

When developing their training exercises, Mobomo built out specific algorithms and utilized ready-made gaming tools for the Vision and Balance games. Baseball Factory’s Vision game was designed using randomized letters and numbers displayed on a rotating UI Animation. For the Balance exercise, a gyroscope was implemented; helping us observe movement on the device during a twenty-second Balance test.

Extensive Video Library

In addition, the app’s video library includes instant download and playback capabilities as well as cascading scroll for optimal viewing and minimal page jumping. Audio merging and sound clips were also integrated into the app, helping to enhance training materials with coaching voiceovers and classic baseball sound bites.

Baseball Factory app

Baseball Factory is a cut above the rest.
With a focus on building the most complete student-athletes, both on and off the field, the Baseball Factory app is the perfect addition to the program. Play ball!


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