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The Bozzuto Group is a diversified residential real estate company that provides a broad range of real estate services throughout the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast. The company's areas of expertise lie in homebuilding and multifamily development, as well as construction and management both for itself and its clients.

Bozzuto reached out and was in the need of tech consulting. Since they manage numerous properties on a high level, property managers are required to produce packages each month that consist of items such as accounting documents, tax files, and other paperwork relevant to that particular property. Internal resources were spending time gathering these files and sending items to each location, and as a result Bozzuto felt they were using valuable resources to do something that could be automated.

Bozzuto website
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During phase one we went through their company needs to find out where their pain points were that way we could find the best solution. We recommended an automated system so that they didn't have to go through multiple departments to get documents, instead they were able to automate the process so that no time was wasted.

During phase two, we created the angular web application that allowed internal staff to have a one stop shop which had everything organized onto one platform. The different documents and reports of a property were collected into a group and presented as a package with the ability of an administrator to approve a final deliverable.

When first logging into the application, the user is directed to a dashboard that displays an overview of the pending and upcoming property packages and their corresponding deadlines. The user interface provides a simple color overlay on top of its property, based on the urgency of the deadline. From there, depending on the user’s assigned role, they can drill down, view their properties and attend to their assigned tasks.

Key Functionalities


Key Functionalities

  • Upload required reports to assigned properties to be compiled into a monthly package
  • Preview packages in a PDF format
  • Approve or Disapprove the completed packages to be sent to their selected recipients
  • Create Reports, Create Users, Create Properties and Modify the Property Template
  • Modify the Template - Add/remove required reports, select the dates the package is due, select the date the reports to be uploaded are due, choose if the report type will be compiled into the package or added as a supplemental report, modify the order that the reports will be viewed in the package, to only have a report show up in the current month/every month and preview what the package will look like. Add/remove the package recipients. Add additional notes to the recipient.

Once the initial project was launched, we created a way so that Bozzuto could continue to develop and implement multiple features. The system was designed as a group of distributed microservices, that way it’s easier organize, integrate, and horizontally scale new services as they are added. As far as maintenance goes, it would be easy to configure to an auto-scalable, this will ensure that minimal maintenance is required.

The final product has allowed employees to use their time more efficiently. Ultimately allowing resources time, energy and human capacity to do other things versus simple tasks that could be automated.


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