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CDC works to protect America from health, safety and security threats both foreign and in the U.S. We work with the HIV Prevention Branch which is part of CDC. Over the past few years we have been the solution experts for CDC working on a couple design projects for them for different branches of their company. The projects included the redesign and maintenance of the mobile app Every Dose Every Day, and a website redesign for Effective Interventions.



The Every Dose Every Day (E2D2) app is a user friendly, free app created by the CDC for people living with HIV. The purpose of the app is to provide hourly/daily/weekly reminders as necessary for taking medications, keeping track of appointments, storing lab results, and refill prescriptions for the user. The E2D2 to app is secure and confidential, only storing the data in the user’s phone for their reference.


The CDC came to Mobomo a couple of years ago looking for ongoing maintenance to the existing app with goals to make the app more reliable, user friendly and keep up to date with software updates. After a few months of maintenance work, it was agreed upon that a redesign of the full app would be the best move for an increased user experience and success of the app.


We worked closely with the CDC to make sure the app followed necessary regulations to stay compliant in both the design and new functionality. The app got rebranded to have a more modern and easy to navigate look and feel. Some of the new features that were added included:

  • Appointment Reminders: Easily add doctor appointments.
  • Viral Load/CD4 Tracking: Track lab values and monitor your adherence over time.
  • Resources: Easily access additional resources you may need from your app.

After the app was thoroughly tested by the Mobomo team, the CDC team, their 508 compliance team, and all necessary tweaks were made, E2D2 was launched into the Apple Store and Google Play Store in September of 2017.

“We’ve heard nothing but positive feedback from everyone who has used it so far, and we are looking forward to more users getting their hands on this great tool.” - Kathleen Green, CDC.

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