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FDIC Online Store

FDIC offers free publications to the general public and banking industry to promote public confidence, disseminate consumer protection information, and educational material.

As part of this offering, FDIC has an Online Ordering System (OOS). The OOS provides bankers, the public, and internal FDIC stakeholders with self-service online access to download or order free FDIC publications and products in a variety of formats.

There are approximately 300 products listed that range from subscriptions to publications such as FDIC Law, Regulations, Related Acts; a variety of deposit insurance publications and teller signs; consumer financial literacy publications such as Consumer News and Money Smart products; and specialized stationery products for internal FDIC use. Formats include hard copies, DVDs, and electronic file downloads.

FDIC Online Store website

What We Did

Mobomo worked with FDIC to develop a new secure, user-friendly Online Ordering System using a Drupal Commerce solution hosted on the Amazon Cloud.

The administrative module of the software allows internal user to manage orders; create, suspend or delete new products; retain customer names and mailing addresses; create mailing lists for new issuances; establish and maintain inventory control; and run standard and customized reports to measure productivity and program effectiveness.

FDIC Online Store website

What We Accomplished

The store launched in October 2015 and is estimated to process more than 40,500 orders for a volume of almost 2.5 million items.


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