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Great Minds

Great Minds is the creator of a top-notch teacher curated curriculum content.
But here is what truly sets them apart, the content creators are all teachers or have a teaching background which enables them to create expansive, engaging materials accessible to teachers, homeschooling parents, and students alike. Great Minds focus was to create meaningful content that considers the teacher and learner, rather than focusing on grades, test scores, and milestones.

Great Minds
Great Minds

Great Minds approached us with the unique request to build a website which could grow with the catalog and allows the curriculum to expand over time, while maintaining a high-end bespoke look and feel for their user interface. We were able to work collaboratively over the last year with their stakeholders and 3rd party partners to build an all new website from the ground up. The new site features an improved shop with a back-end catalog allowing purchase, fulfillment, product management for the Great Minds administrators, a marketing site with a full fledged CMS that allows the site to grow over time, and a beautiful dashboard for their users to access Great Minds tools; all tightly integrated with Salesforce.

Discovery Phase

We kicked off the project with an extended discovery phase including user interviews, stakeholder interviews, content analysis, and rough design. This allowed us to identify Great Minds’ business goals, the site’s primary user types, what drives the users to the site, and the ideal content path for the future. All decisions we made during the implementation phase were driven by the initial feedback and interviews of the Great Minds team and users, ensuring that any impacting decisions considered the goals and desires of stakeholders and users.

During the second phase we implemented our architecture and high-level wireframe designs for the application. We relied on a styleguide to drive designs across the site so that when we had new additions or changed small details we could stay consistent with the look we were striving for. We were lucky enough to have a relationship with the 3rd parties partners of Great Minds, which helped us connect all the systems together from Salesforce and video to event registrations to the blogs. Once we connected all the points of communication together, we went into the actual development of the application utilizing Agile sprints, or micro-phases which were strategically planned to tackle different areas of the site.

Great Minds

During the third and final phase of the application development, we fine-tuned the website and user experience, taking all possible options and scenarios into strategic and careful consideration. We worked closely with the Great Minds team to conduct regression testing and user scenarios, to ensure that the website would function not only to achieve expectations, but to exceed them. We’re still working actively on the site in a maintenance phase, which allows us to continue to make improvements and changes based on beta user feedback.

Great Minds

Great Minds truly needed a website that not only delivered on a hip, svelte design, but also a website with powerful capabilities and expansion options. With the collaboration of Great Minds and Mobomo on this project, Mobomo was able to provide a powerful, advanced application that allows the Great Minds team to expand their educational opportunities, achieve their goals more efficiently, and have a system that grows with them over time, without the need for indefinite maintenance and help.


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