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Higher Visibility is a digital marketing agency based in Memphis Tennessee, with the mission to provide their clients with professional and high quality internet marketing services and customer service.

We were approached by Higher Visibility with an interest in finding an innovative, experienced partner to redesign their website. The goals for the project were to receive conceptual design advice to better captivate their target audience, as well as align the look and feel to fit closely with the company goals.


our process

The first step in our process to kick off included an in-depth Project Go meeting, which was a collaborative conference meeting to fully understand the goals, user personas, strengths, weaknesses, etc. of Higher Visibility. This information allowed our design team to successfully embark on designing initial home page designs, all while keeping important aspects of the project in mind.


how did we do it

Through weekly client meetings, Mobomo presented the latest page designs along with the design team, to clearly explain the reasoning and proposed functionality behind the different features.

By receiving feedback in a timely manner from the client, we were able to successfully deliver updated page layouts and move through all necessary pieces of the project in the projected timeline. We provided Higher Visibility with 8 fully designed page layouts for desktop and 8 for mobile, with their internal development team taking for the build of the website.



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