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I think most people can relate to the final year of college when the anticipation of getting a job in the “real world” starts to sink in. You then realize that no amount of classes you took in college or finals that you had to study for could prepare you for the professional sphere.

A group of friends that had a passion for higher education, founded Real Time Cases based off of one idea, they wanted to bridge the gap between the professional work environment and higher education through experiential learning. This idea empowers instructors of undergraduate and graduate-level classes with the tools to challenge young minds while enabling students to confront real issues and scenarios while using current information from real companies with potential job opportunities. RTC believes that education should reward creativity while being fun, relevant, practical, interactive, and up-to-date. These fundamentals encourage students to incorporate their own personal experiences, critical thinking skills, and research capabilities into realistic assignments. Real Time Cases partners with companies who have some of the highest growth potential in the market, the company that every college graduate would be eager to work for.

Real Time Cases website

Why mobomo?

RTC was in need of an online platform and more specifically a website in order for their users to maximize their learning in a centralized location. We built and launched phase 1 which is the minimum viable product that allows us to test what users find important, what they like or don’t like from their online experience. We are working on phase 2 which is taking what was learned from phase 1 and creating advancements to the project.

Real Time Cases website

To kick off the project we built a website that could easily be navigated by the 3 active user groups: students, professors, and executives. We built a portal for each group by creating a login. Once the user is logged in, it directs them into a dashboard setting, depending on which user is logging in determines on the information within the dashboard.

For example, businesses can register and upload a case online for professors and students to access. While professors can get a list and description of the cases through a case database, and from there the professor will decipher which case study is appropriate to implement in their classes as well as provide free feedback on the company case studies. Whereas a student will see the case study opportunity as a way to access applicable business scenarios and it allows the student to expand their network by working with business professionals.

In the process of building their website from the ground up, we were able to integrate Stripe in order for users to purchase a case at the touch of a fingertip. This allows case studies to be purchased in a user friendly and simple fashion.

Real Time Cases website

what we created

From the design, to development, to project management, their team and Mobomo were very involved and engaged during each step. If there was an issue we were able to create a solution. Not only did we provide a solution, we made sure that we created a solution that was within their budget in order to maximize their results... Stay tuned. As we are still working with Real Time Cases to further maximize their results.


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