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Email is the most vital and universal communication channel. Today’s cloud email alternatives suffer from poor inbox delivery, limited engagement statistics, and sub-par support services.

Message Systems delivers 25 percent of the world’s non-spam email with a deliverability rate of over 95 percent. With core clients like Facebook and LinkedIn, Message Systems wanted to expand its on-site offering to a cloud-based solution and brought their vision for SparkPost to Intridea. An email delivery service based on the Momentum platform, SparkPost provides the same deliverability, scalability and speed as the biggest senders in the world.

Whether sending transactional emails, dynamically personalizing content, or managing state-of-the-art marketing programs, users can count on SparkPost to provide seamless integration, the highest inbox placement rates, unsurpassed performance and real-time insight.

SparkPost website

What we made

Custom analytics enable users to hone in on what matters most: STATS! With the ability to track metrics such as latency, bounce reports, and email engagement, Intridea delved into the analytic world, creating an all-in-one dashboard for users to fine tune and optimize email.

SparkPost website

Intridea implemented an AngularJS front-end and integrated with an extensive email API to ensure a seamless sign up and send process.

How we made it

Using a heavily customized Bootstrap 3, the SparkPost UI is built with the email guru in mind. Conducting over a dozen user interviews and gauging the needs of its users, Intridea utilized all avenues in creating the ultimate email platform.

Throughout the process, Intridea tested UX/UI requirements with customers, weighing their feedback against the product pipeline to determine feasibility and priority.

SparkPost website

Lastly, we worked closely with the product team to establish visual guidelines and develop SparkPost’s information architecture.

With the vision of Message Systems and Intridea’s mad dev skills, SparkPost is a force to be reckoned with; empowering businesses, regardless of size, with the tools to effectively communicate and connect with their customers.

SparkPost website

The result

Intridea worked closely with the Message Systems team to design and engineer the UX of SparkPost in just four months. After going live in November 2014, Message Systems raised $27M in Series C funding in February 2015 to spread adoption of the new SparkPost cloud email platform.


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