Beboist – A Rails Plugin for the Bebo Social API


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The Beboist plugin provides a Rails interface to the Bebo Social Networking API.

The plugin was designed from the ground-up to be flexible enough to accommodate
any changes to the API, while at the same time providing a clean interface
that will be familiar to most Rails developers.


Ensure that the json gem is installed on your system and the Beboist plugin is installed in your vendor/plugins folder:

Generate your config/bebo.yml file using

Fill in your appropriate app settings in config/bebo.yml. Ensure that your app name is right.

Generate the first migration for your users table using:

Migrate your database using

In your application.rb, insert the following filters:

Write your app, and keep an eye on your logs to catch any possible error messages.

API Reference

The methods listed in the Bebo API Documentation are mapped to Ruby classes in the following manner:


The Beboist plugin uses Bebo’s JSON API, and the ‘json’ gem to directly convert JSON objects to Ruby. It works with Rails 2.0+, but has not been tested on Rails 1.2. Check the README for more details, and file tickets at Intridea’s Public Trac