Announcing ‘crowdsound’ — Receiving User Feedback Just Got A Lot Easier

Intridea is pleased to announce the official public beta release of crowdsound, a new tool that allows companies and websites to gather, organize and respond to suggestions from their users.

By integrating the crowdsound widget on their website, companies can transparently gather suggestions from users without forcing them to navigate away from their page. Using the widget, users can post new suggestions and also vote and comment on existing suggestions — essentially building a community around the improvement of the company’s product or website.

crowdsound’s detailed admin interface then lets companies respond to each suggestion, opening up previously closed lanes of communication between the company and users. The admin interface also allows companies to manage, organize and integrate suggestions into their workflows quite easily.

crowdsound is currently in public beta. After the beta phase, we will launch reasonably priced, tiered subscriptions plans with exciting new features.