crowdsound on TechCrunch

Intridea’s latest product, crowdsound has been featured on TechCrunch. We love showcasing our products to a new audience, so it’s definitely a treat everytime we make it to the front page.

Here’s the link:
CrowdSound on TechCrunch

We’re currently hard at work integrating our new features and pay-plans to take us out of public beta. At the same time, our own widget is helping us receive new suggestions effortlessly — these help us polish our existing features till they shine. As such, here’s a status update on some of the most popular suggestions.

You will soon be able to customize your widget top-to-bottom.

Next, we’re working on custom categories/tags. These would be in the form of an admin-created, user-selectable list of keywords to attach to each suggestion. For all those who requested internationalization — we’re working on it. We are also working on a new search algorithm to improve the existing suggestions shown when posting a new suggestion.

The bottom line is that crowdsound is under very active development. We recommend that you subscribe to this RSS feed if you want to hear about new releases. Thank you for your support!