Updates iPhone App With Camera and Attachment Integration, our enterprise microblogging platform, which is used daily by many large corporations and government organizations, offers native versions of the application on all major mobile platforms. Today, Apple has approved the latest version of for iPhone.

Included in this latest version is an updated user interface. The new user interface ditches the previous dark theme and replaces it with a look that is more familiar to iPhone users and is easier on the eyes. Uploaded attachments can be viewed directly from the phone. Updates with one or more attached files are indicated by a small paperclip icon within your feed.

In addition to attaching files, photos from your photo library or the iPhone camera can be added to your updates — a highly anticipated feature. This version of the app provides a more robust user experience by enabling many of the most useful features of the web client. is a free application available in the App Store. To get for your iPhone click on the link below.