DIY iPad Mounting Solution: Velcro

If you don’t want to shell out bucks for some of the iPad accessories available for improving viewing and user experience, there’s an inexpensive option: velcro. Jesse Rosten offers video proof that velcro is an accessible, affordable solution for mounting the iPad on multiple surfaces, for multiple purposes, including: (1) on your car dashboard for a navigation system; (2) on your wall for a dynamic digital picture viewer; (3) on your stove for viewing cooking lessons; and several more.

Not sure I’d ever take the risk of trying one of the last solutions: mounting the iPad on your bedroom ceiling, above your head, for who knows what purpose. Sounds a bit too risky, but most of the other solutions seem workable. Does anyone know if velcro efficiency is affected by steam? Of course, as Rosten says, the video shows the possibilities, not necessarily practical solutions.

iPad + Velcro from Jesse Rosten on Vimeo.