Log Your Time

You’re about to witness an act of generosity in which Kevin Gisi, being moved by Amelia’s persistent pleas to her teammates to “log their time”, creates a motivational event – through song.

The setting: It was a quiet Wednesday morning. Intrideans, fifty of us, spread out across nations, busy programming, architecting, testing, planning and designing.

The Event: No one saw it coming; even when the link appeared in Present.ly chat we didn’t know what we were clicking on. Without warning Kevin Gisi’s delicate falsetto voice filled our offices with a bizarre warmth, with a peculiar form of… motivation. He simply sang, “Log your time”.

The Reaction: All at once, individually and together – we understood our friend. We heard his words. His lyrics moved us to…. Log our time. His message was clear and succinct. There was nothing for us to do but… well, you know – log our time.

Synopsis: There’s nothing like a little ditty to get your message across.